Zane Surrow is the only son of Zenet Surrow and Ren Krawler. He is a Haos brawler partnered with Contestir, and a member of the Gundalian Division.

Appearance Edit

Zane is a 16 year old Gundalian boy. He has spiky green hair, with a part of it dyed hot pink, and golden eyes. He has light grey skin with darker grey markings and golden horns.

Personality Edit

Zane is a very laid-back guy. He doesn't really have any plans for his future, despite his secret ambition and hopes that he'll do something great with his life. His best friend, Ophelia, often encourages him to find something do that doesn't involve screwing around and playing pranks on people he knows and likes. But he never really can decide what he wants to do.

He is also very cocky and overconfident to cover up his fear of living an unproductive life. This part of his personality, along with his constant string of pranks, usually winds him up in some kind of trouble, which Ophelia drags him out of.

He also has little, random hobbies, like playing the guitar and collecting various objects he finds interesting (Ophelia likes to call him a "hoarder"). But his hobby of playing the guitar later becomes his passion, as Ophelia and Logan encourage him to do so.

Family Edit

  • Mother: Zenet Surrow
  • Father: Ren Krawler

Relationships Edit

Ophelia Glenn Edit

Main article: Zane-Ophelia Friendship
Ophelia and Zane have been best friends for as long as either can remember and have always been there for each other. They once dated, at least as a front for Zane, who is actually gay but was tired of being bullied. Despite their brief "romantic" history, the two have remained very sibling like.

Logan Craig Edit

Main article: Zane-Logan Relationship
Zane's favorite person to prank and bother is Logan. Logan often works himself into a frenzy or close to collapsing, and Zane seems to be one of a very few group of people who notice. So Zane annoys Logan, if only to get him to take a break so he doesn't collapse or suffer from a mental breakdown.

Trivia Edit

  • Zane is homosexual.