Shiori Kazami II is the daughter of Shun Kazami and Fabia Sheen. She is a Ventus brawler partnered with Taylean, and is a member of the Earth Division.

Appearance Edit

Shiori is an 8 year old half-human, half-neathian girl. She has neat, black hair that falls to her shoulders which she keeps in pigtails and green eyes.

Personality Edit

Shiori is an extremely playful girl who loves to have fun. This makes her very different from her older siblings, who are serious and mature. She often plays pranks on them, as well as her older friends, to get them to play with her, and her older siblings are the ones who stop her and her antics.

While her antics can be found annoying, she is cared for deeply, especially by her older siblings. Shiori is very kind and caring herself, and returns the care right back. Since she is a little girl, however, she is naive and gullible, as well as sensitive.

Family Edit

  • Father: Shun Kazami
  • Mother: Fabia Sheen
  • Older Brother: Sora Kazami
  • Older Sister: Anastasia Kazami
  • Paternal Grandmother: Shiori Kazami I
  • Paternal Great-grandfather: Grandpa Kazami
  • Aunt: Serena Sheen
  • Uncle (by marriage): Elright

Relationships Edit

Sora Kazami Edit

Sora is Shiori's favorite person to prank. Since he can get so moody and is very introverted, Shiori often wants to see him happy, and she sees that when, in his very rare moments, he plays with her.

Tasia Kazami Edit

If Shiori had to pick someone to get in trouble with, it would be Tasia. Tasia never loses her patience with Shiori (which Sora sometimes does) and is always there to comfort her.

Devin Fermin-Grav Edit

Devin is Shiori's "partner-in-crime." This means that she's the one who helps her come up with the pranks that she plays on everyone so that the others will play with them.

Beth Gilbert Edit

Beth is like a second older sister to Shiori. Beth will comfort Shiori when she's feeling down and when Tasia isn't around. Beth is also one of few who will play with Shiori without Shiori pranking them.

Trivia Edit

  • Shiori is named after Shun's mother.