Phoenix KazamiEdit

Phoenix Kazami is the eldest and first born daughter to Shun and Fabia Kazami. She is Partnered with Storm Skyress. She is a member of the earth division due to her father.

Appearance Edit

Phoenix is a beautiful half-neathian, half-human 15 year old girl. She is taller version of her mother with long blue hair and emerald green eyes. She often wears make-up to hide her blemishes and wears a necklace with the letter 'p' on it. Her outfit consists of a light green tank top and tight black jeans.

Personality Edit

Though she may look like her mother, She has her father's cold and serious attitude and does not appreciate any messing around. She is shown to be very sarcastic but cares immensely about her friends and family.

She is admires her father for his incredible ninjutsu as well as his bakugan skills and dreams to be like him one day, despite this, She is shown to be very close to her mother and considers her as a her teacher.

Family Edit

Father: Shun Kazami

Mother: Fabia Sheen

Younger sister:  Shiori Kazami 

Younger brother: Darren Kazami 

Paternal Grandmother: Shiori Kazami

Maternal Grandmother: Phoenix Sheen

Paternal Great-Grandfather: Grandfather Kazami

Aunt: Serena Sheen

Uncle (by marriage): Elright

Relationships Edit

Shiori Kazami Edit

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Darren Kazami Edit

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