Hira Krawler is the daughter of Ren Krawler and Zenet Surrow. She is a Haos brawler partnered with Aranaut, and is a member of the Gundalian division.

Appearance Edit

Jin is a 9 year old Gundalian girl. In both her true form and human disguise, she has mid-length Green hair that she keeps tied up in a low pony-tail and yellow eyes.

In her true form, she has the light grey skin of a Gundalian, dark purple markings, as well as small but beautiful black eyes.

Personality Edit

Unlike her sisters, Jin is a playful, silly optimist. Her favorite thing to do is run around the castle and cause trouble, making her a handful for both her parents and her older sister. Although Jin is a big trouble-maker, her sunny presence is a nice reminder to many in the castle (especially Andy) that things are okay.

She enjoys cheering people up when they're down, especially Andy. Jin is usually the one to speak for her shyer, younger twin sister Floria, and although Jin is outgoing and happy all on her own, she feels uncomfortable without Floria around her, as she is very attached to her and enjoys having a playmate around.

Jin may be a free-spirited wild child, but she doesn't like being alone. Playing by herself is, according to her, boring and sad.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Floria Krawler Edit

Floria is Jin's twin sister. Since Floria is so shy and soft-spoken, Jin often speaks for her when Floria is too scared to do so. Without Floria, Jin would feel rather lonely, so she feels uncomfortable without her around. Jin also depends on Floria to get her out of trouble.

Andy Krawler Edit

Jin looks up to Andy, who acts as a mother hen to both Jin and Floria since their parents are very busy. Jin always tries to cheer Andy up when she's down and although she causes trouble for Andy, the two love each other very much.

Neville Marukura Edit

Jin and Neville are close friends. Whenever Neville needs to test an invention, Jin offers herself and Floria to test things out. This is because Jin has developed a small crush on Neville.

Devin Fermin-Grav Edit

Jin and Devin are close friends. Occasionally, Devin will recruit her to take part in her and Shiori's schemes.

Trivia Edit

  • Jin is named after Fabia's deceased ex-fiance.